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People sometimes ask why bother to come to such a far away place as the Northeast Kingdom. One good answer is the lakes. There is nothing quite like Lake Willougbhy - which some call the Lake Lucerne of N. America.There are dozens of lakes in northeastern Vermont. Here is information on a few.

Newport on Lake Memphremagog, Newport, VT. This lake, which is about 40 miles long, lies mostly in Quebec. At the Newport end there are three marinas and Customs/Immigration clearance. Recent state funding has made this area very attractive. You can dine while enjoying an evening cruise.

In the crystal clear waters of Lake Seymour, Echo Lake, Island Pond, Lake Willoughby, Crystal and Caspian Lakes you'll find some of the best fishing in New England. The water is pure, almost untainted by the activities of man. You can still find a secluded place to rent or buy at prices well below what you might have to pay elsewhere in Vermont. Check our rental board for possibilities.

Advise on how to Find Your Vacation Spot

Finding a place to rent is not easy because there is no rental organization in the area and most people like it that way. Wouldn't you?

However, a little effort during early season will yield results. .

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