Planning a visit to Vermont?

While the pandemic appears to be raging in many parts of the country, Vermont still remains relatively unscathed. It has the lowest number of cases of any state in the country. In sparsely populated areas, only a few cases are being reported. Lodging is available but on a limited basis and you may be required to quarantine. The regulations keep changing, so check this state page.

For info about lodging regulations and other specific business types, check this page.

Governor Scott has extended the state of emergency which empowers him to continue to with restrictions, such as limiting gatherings, requiring masks in public.

If you want to visit, you can do so without restriction if you just come into the state for the day, but if you come from a so called red area, you will be required to quarantine. The state is keeping tabs on the number of people coming into it.


Justices of the Peace and other officiants may perform in-person marriages. Town offices shall provide marriage licenses in compliance with the Work Safe memo – encouraging town offices to operate remotely, online, and to offer curbside service.

Effective June 26th, weddings may occur in compliance with the Work Safe occupancy limits for event venues:

  • 50 percent of approved fire safety occupancy to the set maximum below; OR

  • One customer/person per 100 square feet of customer facing space to the set maximum below if no fire safety occupancy is established.

  • Operations may not exceed 75 total people for inside operations or events regardless of their fire safety occupancy or square footage calculation; AND

  • Operations may not exceed 150 people for outside operations or events regardless of their fire safety occupancy or square footage calculation.

  • Staff and vendors are not counted in the maximum number.

  • Food service operations at events must comply with the Restaurant, Catering, Food Service and Bars guidance.
  • **Outdoor service, events, and gatherings are strongly preferred.**


State map showing where travel restrictions have been relaxed

Detailed map showing towns where cases have been detected

COVID-19 cases, by county

Mouse over or click on a county to view deaths and the rate by population. Updated by the VT Department of Health around 1 p.m. daily.