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The Wilburton Inn - A Creative Place to Be

The Wilburton Inn offers stunning views and s peaceful setting. This spot overlooks the Battenkill Valley outside Manchester, Vermont

The Wilburton Inn offers a unique experience. Surrounded by a 20-acre estate and perched atop a hill above the Battenkill Valley, the Wilburton commands panoramic views of the Green Mountains. It is both a romantic and intellectual retreat. A sensitive and inquiring mind will be at ease here, just a few miles from the buzz of Manchester, Vermont's famed shopping area.

In addition to the inn proper, there are five guest buildings. Of the 45 rooms available, eight have private decks with mountain views. A buffet breakfast is served in the Terrace Room and dinner is served in what once was the Billiard Room. We were unable to attend dinner but did enjoy a sumptuous breakfast in the Terrace Room the next morning. There was nothing lacking in the fare offered and service was warm and courteous.

In these days of specializing, the Wilburton Inn and its Holistic Retreat nearby offer something different to relieve the stress of modern-day living. Over all this presides Dr. Albert Levis, MD, a Greek psychiatrist. Dr. Levis is also the author of Conflict Analysis - The Formal Theory of Behavior. When you take in the various statues dotting the grounds and meet Dr. Levis, the mythology of Greece is clearly evident. You might even feel reminded of the 1964 film: "Zorba the Greek!""

"There is an atmosphere of profound thought which doesn't preclude levity and sociableness.."

The Wilburton Inn, Manchester, Vermont

Georgette and Albert Levis - owners of the Wilburton Inn in Manchester, VermontDr. Levis, or Albert as we came to address him, is passionate about his science and obviously has a penchant for getting to know people with an artistic nature and then helping them to explore their creative path. He provides individual or group tours of his sculpture collection which dots the grounds of the Wilburton Inn. His dream is to create and propagate a new science, the Science of Conflict Resolution, with formulas, rules and laws.

As we sat under the shade of mature maples, sipping a red wine, Dr. Levis told us of the inn's 100-year old history, beginning first as a luxurious mansion and estate for a Chicago railroad magnate. He and his wife Georgette have owned the inn since 1987. It is a popular choice for wedding receptions. Now, Dr. Levis has added a new dimension to his inn's experience; he's added a Holistic Retreat in a separate building, less than a quarter mile away.The Telion Holon Holistic Retreat offers daily yoga and homegrown vegetarian food in Manchester, Vermont The building, formerly known as the Old English Inn, is now a conference center for those interested in an exploration of the creative forces within us that "transforms chaos into order and conflict into resolution." It includes 10 guest rooms, a multi-use ballroom/studio, a spacious living room, an elegant dining room, classrooms, and a commercial kitchen. Vegetable and herb gardens on the grounds provide fresh produce for communal meals.

The Wilburton Inn is a top rated inn. If you are looking for relaxation along with an exploration of life's meaning, this creative place will be for you.

Carole Desormeau and Timothy Palmer-Benson

The Wolf statue at the Wilburton Inn, Manchester, Vermont. Conflict and Resolution statue at the Wilburton Inn in Manchester, Vermont
Two of the many sculptures on the Grounds of the Wilburton Inn

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