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Ducks float down river the town's annual duck race

Ever seen a Duck Race? Wilmington, in southern Vermont, has one every Memorial Day weekend.

Every year on Memorial Day weekend, about 1,500 yellow rubber ducks are released into a tributary of the Deerfield River. The ducks are all numbered with corresponding ticket numbers sold for $4.00. The first 100 or so ducks at the finish line carry prizes. Proceeds from the event go towards helping critically ill children fulfil a wish The event is managed by a local chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.. You can watch the race from the bridge over the river in the middle of Wilmington. If you want to purchase a ticket you should be in town by 11 o'clock. The race is on May 28th and starts at noon.
Counting the ducks from Wilmington's duck race

Volunteers counting ducks after the race

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