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    Stuffed Mushrooms: 4.95
    Fresh mushrooms stuffed with parmesan
    cheese, herbs, and more mushrooms.

    In the whaling days of New Bedford, there lived a sea captain who had a wife named Anna. She was a very lazy housewife who would never make bread. Much to the captain's consternation, she would only make mush with the cornmeal and molasses he brought home. He would storm around his ship, screaming to his sailors, "That Anna, damn her, she's the laziest woman alive!" Please enjoy our version of this old New England recipe.


    Five-Peppercorn Beef: 18.95
    A beef tenderloin crusted with a crushed five-peppercorn mixture, roasted and served sliced with a natural juice gravy, cooked to your specification. Served with rice, our homemade fettuccine noodles, or potatoes.

    Vegetable Thali: 14.95
    A panapoly of fresh vegetables eac
    h cooked in a different Indian curry. A very hot and spicy meal. Served with rice and our homemade chutney.

    BEER & WINE...

    Wine by the Carafe:
    Liter: 12.00
    Half Liter: 8.00
    Glass: 3.75