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Interpreting the radar:

Why does it show "green" when it is snowing, and other times "white (snow)" or pink/blue (ice) when it is raining.

Explanation: The radar is based strictly on observed temperatures at several ski resorts and local cities and NOT on the precipitation that is necessarily happening at the ski resort. In other words, when temps up to 2000 feet are below 30 degrees, the radar will always show snow; between 30-34 degrees ice; above 34 degrees rain. About 70% of the time, these temperature categories will pretty much indicate what is happening at the base of the ski resort, but not necessarily above 2000 feet. If the low level temperature is 35 degrees (rain), but at 3000 feet it is 30 degrees and snowing, the radar is calibrated to the lowest elevation and will say rain. Hence, it is important to check out updates and call your club when temperatures are a few degrees either side of 32 degrees, so you will receive more accurate information.


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