Old Stonehouse Museum, Brownington, VT

Old Stone House Museum, Brownington, Vermont


Old Granite buildings in northeastern Vermont are a somewhat unusual site. This one, called The Old Stone House, is located in Brownington Village, about a half hour drive from the Canadian border. It was built in 1836 as a student dormitory for a nearby school. The building was used this way for almost 25 years. In 1859 it was closed after the death of the owner, Alexander Lucius Twilight. His widow lived alone in the building for several years and then sold it. The building was purchased by the Orleans County Historical Society for $500 in 1918.

The building is filled with period furnishings, though not necessarily those from its time as dormitory. Tours are available every day in July and August.

You can learn more about its history and immediate surroundings by visiting the Orleans County Historical Society's website.

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