Thoughts on the Corona virus - its possible impact on planning your 2020 summer/fall Vermont vacations

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Thoughts on the Corona virus - its possible impact on planning your 2020 summer/fall Vermont vacations

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Sun Mar 22, 2020 2:56 pm

Rural living in northeastern Vermont hasn't changed much despite a world in panic. A recent look at the state's virus outbreak map, doesn't show any cases in the Northeast Kingdom, where I live. But it is coming as it coming to every part of the country. Still, social distancing is a bit easier to practice in a rural area where life on your own is much more common and the nearest amenities are more than 20 minutes away. Of course, the downside is that there are far few medical facilities to deal with the virus and visitors can easily overwhelm what is available. Thanks to big business trying to centralize hospitals, country hospitals are struggling to stay open. Looking out over the rolling countryside, you wouldn't know that something is wrong, but then the site of a ski area with its trails glistening in the sun brings you back to reality. The ski area is closed despite the plentiful snow on its trails. Its kind of creepy. But up until recently one could still cross country ski in the woods, snowshoe or snowmobile. The virus didn't effect ice fishing either, so by the same reasoning, you will still be able to enjoy outdoor summer and fall recreation, driving tours, hiking, and biking etc.

Should you still plan for a visit this summer or in the fall; maybe. Accommodation will still be available but under a different scenario. At the moment. there appears nothing to stop you pitching a tent, renting a house, cottage or cabin for "a shelter-in-place" vacation. So far, the state hasn't said anything about camping sites, so if that is your choice, you should check it out. You still might not be able to frequent a restaurant or bar or any other place where people gather, but you will be able to buy groceries and gas. Just make sure you have an agreement about the disposition of a deposit. The Vermont summer is around the corner and foliage season after that. Nothing can stop the seasons and so if you can adapt, it will still be there to enjoy. Life will just be a bit different.

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