Early Signs of Fall..........

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Re: Early Signs of Fall..........

Postby abby » Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:09 pm

ctyanky wrote:Hi Carol, I think we have two wonderful Texans posting here on the forum. Aggiedude (Marty - further down in the post) is the one who is coming mid September due to wife's obligations with family.

Texas aggie is on target for Columbus Day Weekend.

I hope I got them both separated in travel dates????? :D :D :D

But we love Texans and welcome both to our forum! When I stay at my inns, 50% of the guests are from Texas! When I lived there I thought they were the friendliest folks I've ever come across. So much fun to talk with them at the inns and hear how much they in turn love coming to Vermont! :wink:

Oh, thank you. Very confusing as they both have the name aggie.......I just assumed they were the same person because of that :D

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Re: Early Signs of Fall..........

Postby mmvt » Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:27 pm

Texas_Aggie wrote:
ctyanky wrote:Hi Texas: I'm sure you are in your final countdown, days now!

Our trees here in northern CT are turning now as you round the bend at every corner.

Yes! i can't wait! Any early guess on what the Woodstock-Cavendish area might look like Columbus day weekend? We should be able to drive 1.5 hrs north or south of Cavendish if we need to, but i was definitely hoping on hitting Jenne Farm and Cloudland road while we are up there.


those areas may be really good Columbus Day depending on how quickly foliage changes once it starts. Keep in mind that Woodstock is a zoo that weekend (traffic)! - there are some back road work arounds so figure those out and use them! :-) Cavendish will be quiet. Jenne Farm MAY be packed with photographers so get there early if that's important (and please leave a small donation for the owners if you can - there is a box in the field). Sadly, Cloudland Road has become a NIGHTMARE recently. last year there were carloads of people parking haphazardly on the narrow road, blocking traffic and trespassing on people's property. It's beautiful and I hope you can see it but it is no fun with lots of people and the homeowners are not happy about it. If you're staying in the Cavendish area, check out twenty mile stream road (i think that's the name) - it's lovely drive!

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Re: Early Signs of Fall..........

Postby Texas_Aggie » Wed Sep 19, 2018 8:47 am

Thanks for the tips! I'll look into that 20 mile stream road.

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Re: Early Signs of Fall..........

Postby ctyanky » Fri Sep 21, 2018 1:58 pm

Texas: Minnesotaman will be the one to watch for some of the best reports around Woodstock. He stays there on Cloudland Road for a month! He knows every square inch of the surrounding area and gives extremely accurate, detailed and honest reports of the color as well as comparisons from many years past. I think he does 12 hour days every day from what he has told me! He is a scouter for sure, ramping up vast amounts of miles of travel throughout VT and NH. He is the one who told me about Joe Ranger Rd and Old Kings Highway, etc. CT

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