Foliage Update

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Re: Foliage Update

Post: # 20261Post Fallleafechidna
Fri Oct 07, 2016 12:48 am

And thanks for the words of encouragement that I wouldn't be too late and the solid reports. It was all so fantastic! A dream!

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Re: Foliage Update

Post: # 20269Post Fallleafechidna
Fri Oct 07, 2016 2:55 pm

@harley0711 - also don't forget that 91 itself is amazing, between Lydonville and Barton it's just insane, some of the best leaf peeping is right along that highway, very few pull outs though and one of two is in a terrible spot with nothing, but northbound there is one that is in a fantastic spot.

Also if you do head down 114 south to Lydnonwivlle towards the end you might want to cut over and take Darling Hill Rd down the rest of the way, didn't get to do it this year, but it would be a nice road in any season, so worth the little cut over.

Also, in case you didn't do Wheeler Pond yet, and just for anyone, do keep in mind that if you take the whole road there it really decays some bit after the pond (although there is another awesome section to the left just before it does so right where there is a house/farm) and stays bad all the way to the Raven Cliffs and it's really decayed even worse this year so you really need something like a Subaru Forester or the like I think. A regular car might have some trouble and one of those old ultra low slung Toyota Camrys forget it.

Also Stanard Mtn Road can be a good road to try. It was amazing in 2012.

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Re: Foliage Update

Post: # 20292Post Kerry29
Fri Oct 07, 2016 8:31 pm

For the first time since I arrived in New England (Sept. 25), I'm seeing signs that some areas have crested. First sign of this was in one area in Crawford Notch (NH) yesterday--lots of leaf drop on one trail. Saw it again today, first in Evans Notch (did the Roost Trail and there were tons of fresh red (and some yellow) leaves on the ground) and then in Pinkham Notch. I also saw some small pockets where the reds are beginning to dry up. I'd still say that these areas are at peak, but they won't be much longer. I can't imagine that they won't be clearly past peak by Monday at the latest.

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Re: Foliage Update

Post: # 20355Post harley0711
Sun Oct 09, 2016 9:09 pm

Well, spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday driving north , south, east and west through VT and Loved everthing we saw. I want to thank all the posters here for all the help. As much as we loved VT, have to admit our drive through north on 10 and through 112 White Mountain Forest - With the Sunshine it was just beyond words. again, Thanks to everyone

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