Pumpkin People

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Pumpkin People

Postby Aspen » Sun Sep 27, 2009 2:48 pm

Since Vermont and New Hampshire are neighboring states, leaf peepers from both states cross over to take in the Fall Foliage. Some people take a day trip over from Vermont to New Hampshire to drive the Kanc highway.
For any folks who may be taking side trips and may be in or nearby Jackson, New Hampshire which is nearby the Crawford Notch area,
October 1, 2009 is the annual Pumpkin People Festival in Jackson, New Hampshire. Great for families and unique autumn photo ops.
Residences and businesses compete and create outstanding displays using pumpkins. Do not have to be there for the festival, the Pumpkin People will remain on display at residences and businesses for several autumn weeks.

In years past, in Vermont, we stumbled upon a town over on Route 7 where residences and businesses had very classy scarecrows on display, similar to above. Perhaps, locals will know which town this may be this year and be able to post information.

Another town, which if I am not wrong, was Bennington? was decorated with artwork of large colorful moose in front of businesses and scattered throughout the town. I missed this attraction. Saw past postings of an assortment of the moose pictures. Anyone know if this artwork is still around in one of the towns in Vermont. Rather unique!
So much to see so much to do in Vermont!

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