ARNOLD J. KAPLAN dies at 97

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ARNOLD J. KAPLAN dies at 97

Post: # 17612Post Andy
Sat Oct 19, 2013 4:34 pm

This week, I received the sad new from Carol (Abby) that Arnold Kaplan died this week. He was 97 and was still shooting, speaking and presenting to camera clubs, teaching and writing! Wow. I don't really even plan to still be here at 97.

Arnold was a member here, and has been featured prominently on the main Foliage Vermont Site and here in this forum for a short time with the "Ask Arnold" series we did.

I joined here in early fall, 2006, looking for some help on finding good places to photograph certain "iconic" New England Scenes. About the same time, I discovered Arnold's book and used it as my primary guidebook for my October 2010 trip. I got to know Arnold personally in the last 4 years (thanks to Carol for making that happen) and had the great honor of having him agree to write the foreword for my own eBook on photographing Vermont Foliage. Arnold became a friend. He was an inspiration not only to me as a photographer, but as an example of how to live life! He was the consummate gentleman.

I will pay tribute to Arnold on my Lightcentricphotography Blog tomorrow.

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Re: ARNOLD J. KAPLAN dies at 97

Post: # 17613Post mmvt
Sat Oct 19, 2013 7:13 pm

Thanks for sharing this news Andy-
Arnold was certainly a legend and his love for VT was so apparent in his book, writings, etc.
I had an email correspondence with him a LONG LONG time ago. I had emailed him to thank him for sharing his tips and ideas for VT foliage shots and shared a photo (scanned FILM photo) i had taken at Jenne Farm. He very graciously responded and shared some ideas about adding "interest" in photos (i.e. someone walking up the Jenne Farm road, etc).
I was so happy to see that he wrote the foreword for your book and know that meant a lot to you! I look forward to reading your tribute tomorrow!

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