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Re: Critique

Postby brandtb » Thu Nov 17, 2011 10:45 am

Andy #1 - I haven't read entire thread so I don't know exactly what you did to image re. saturation adjustments...but it "appears" to me that there is "global" saturation increase by a significant margin...and to me it looks very artificial...especially blues and oranges..they are almost like solid colors...becauses oversaturating takes away detail to mcuh. Sometimes when I boost individual color satruation - I may go in with a brush and add some "clarity" or midrange contrast to ameliorate this a bit. General comment about saturation, I only use specific color adjustment sliders in either ACR or LR...NEVER EVER global corrections...until the very end...and then this might be in the +/- 5 % range...yes sometimes I end up desaturating depending on sit. I think generally what is not considered well by landscape photogs is the "negative space" - in this case the "black wedge" on left. I like the next to last version mts. there is a nice s-curve created...convex part in middle concave on right as it leaves frame. Also more lilis are better because it ties into the other greens and creates balance to the reds..."complimentary colors".
Carol#1 Fantastic subject! I'm not crazy about the processing stuff generally...but I like this photo a lot...anyway I think this could be cropped in a bit...negative space way out of balance with the positive "red bridge" and little falls. It makes the viewer work to nuch to concentrate on the subject amidst the vibrating and chattering of the foliage
Andy#2 I wouldn't consider there is a subject here. That said, if you cropped way in...and got a array of various bldg styles and colors with a little water (maybe more than I have)...then MAYBE. Sometimes these things can work as b/w...
I attached two crops...Carol I don't about centering the bridge ...the little orange of the tree is nice

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Re: Critique

Postby Andy » Thu Nov 17, 2011 11:44 am

Brandt: Thanks for weighing in. Hope you'll spend some time here.

Your saturation comment no doubt has Al Utzig jumping up and down and clapping his hands and saying "yes!" :mrgreen: I do tend to overdo the image saturation a bit. This is an image that I thought was marginal from the beginning, and is partly why I posted it here -- trying to get some conversation going on critique. So this is all good. If I were printing the image, I would have to look a lot more carefully at the saturation issue, because, as you say, it so often destroys the detail that we are trying to capture (especially in foliage -- which is detail anyway). So, good comment. I will look more carefully at that going forward. There are probably some more productive PP techniques than I use here (I still haven't "graduated" to a current version of LR -- probably will do so in 2012 -- still using ver 1 at this point, so I don't do ANY processing in LR). My favorite "quick and dirty" technique is to use straight-line curves adjustments in the LAB color space (A and B channels), to effect "color separation," an old Dan Margulis technique. Again when looking to print an image, I am generally a little more painstaking -- trying to get appropriate color and detail for my inkjet printer.

Good thoughts, too on the SF Skyline Image. I will have to pay more attention to asking myself the question "what is my subject."

I sincerely hope others will post images here. I think we can all learn from this

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