Route 100 Closures - Waitsfield/Warren Area

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Route 100 Closures - Waitsfield/Warren Area

Postby Andy » Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:54 am

PHOTOGRAPHERS - NOTE: The Vermont DOT road closure map (see the link in the foliage thread) shows 100 closed between Waitsfield and Warren (about 12 miles south of Waterbury). On my DeLorme Map, I think that means you can get to Waitsfield from the North (Waterbury Exit on I-89), and probably to the Waitsfield Common Road, but it may mean that access to Bragg Hill Road is limited or blocked? There are many great shots on the Common Road and on Bragg Hill, (I cover them in my PDF), but if you are going to try some of them, it may be worth checking. If you are planning on trying to shoot my "Mad River" scenes, and/or Moss Glenn Falls, it may be difficult to get to those areas. There are closures additionally at Warren and Granville.

100 North to South is considered by many to be THE scenic highway in VT, so I have to believe they are putting some priority on opening it for color season. Time will tell. Keep checking here:

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