Much to be Thankful For - Happy TG!

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Much to be Thankful For - Happy TG!

Postby Andy » Wed Nov 24, 2010 2:19 pm

I am posting this here, as it is the forum that I envision and would like to see stay active during the non-foliage season.

I will be busy tomorrow :lol: So I wanted to express my sentiments today, while thinking about it.

This has been one heckuva year for me and I have lots to be thankful for. In January, I took delivery of my new D700. I couldn't be more pleased with it as a toy or as a tool.

In February, I visited Austin, TX on business, and--albeit briefly, found some time to take some nice images of Austin.


In July, I visited my best friend, Rich Pomeroy. You can see Rich's work at Rich Pomeroy Photography. I also got to meet my new, old good buddy, Al Utzig who you all know here. Al and I became friends on this very board over on the Foliage Forum in late 2005 after we compared photographic "notes" of our trip during the same week in October. We have been "virtual friends" since, but Rich had to move to Minnesota in order to facilitate our finally meeting face to face.


Al planned and guided us for a wonderful 2 1/2 day journey through just part of the Minnesota North Shore of Lake Superior. He is so good, he not only gave us a great lighthouse photo op that I have been gunning for for several years, but he arranged FIREWORKS, just to celebrate the new 3-musketeers.


We hope the 3 of us will photograph together many more times over the coming years.

Speaking of thanks, I can only think of one other person I have experienced that kind of fireworks with and we have been married for 26+ years, with two wonderful children, and she is very supportive of letting me go off and do the photography "thing."

In August, during our annual summer visit with my wife's mom and brother-in-law in Virginia, I visited Bull Run Battlefield National Historical Park (just minutes from his current home in Centreville, VA) and had some fun post-processing an image of the Stone House.


And, while it "ain't over yet," I am not sure anything can be the climax of 2010 for me -- as far as my photo hobby is concerned, with my trip to Vermont in October. Staring with a meetup of most of the fellow photographers I have been sharing thoughts, images, tips, tricks, insults and jokes with at Carols vacation home in Barton, it just seemed to get better and better. I finally met Carol and long-suffering (kidding Carol) husband, Steve (an absolute gem of a guy -- just like Carol keeps saying!), Phil, Ctin Vermont, GIC and fair wife, FaxMachineAnthem, "reunioned" with Al and fair wife, and of course, last but certainly not least, our illustrous owner and sponsor here -- Tim!

A lackluster fall by Vermont standards, we nonetheless found some magical photo ops during a strange week foliage and weather-wise. After a full day Sunday shooting in the a.m. with the group and in the afternoon with Carol, with Steve as our guide and supporter, I headed to my Uncle's farm, had a nice stay with a great visit with family.

I spent the mid-week in Montpelier and covered much of that part of the state. Nothing better than my morning standing in the middle of the "Mad River" with barn boots on, my raincoat and signature "Zorro" rain hat (inside joke :wink: ) and rain pants (paid for by one of my adoring fans -- another inside joke :twisted: ). That was a 3 cigar shooting session and I think there was a keeper or two in there -- but the solitude, communing with God and his creation, was cleansing for the soul.


I finished out the week in the best way I can think of for a photo trip -- Rich flew into Boston (some of you think is Bahstohn) and met me in Brattleboro for 3 great days of shooting and just spending time with my best buddy. He used to live near me and we spent a lot of time professionally and recreationally supporting each other (Rich, I miss ya buddy -- but we'll be shooting somewhere together soon). We saw a magical part of Vermont that I hadn't seen. We had the great pleasure of having GIC join us for a day and a half. He's a fun-loving guy who smokes up a darn good rib, BTW. You've all seen his photography, so I don't have to tell you he does that well, too.

On my return home, I started to work with my images. I left for Vermont with a different attitude and approach to my images, and I wanted to "take it up a notch" as far as the artistic side goes. I'll try not to hurt myself patting myself on the back, but on review, I felt like I had some success in that area -- and a couple of respected sources have agreed.


My immediate and extended family is happy and healthy. I have good friends -- old and new. My business is healthy -- despite the rough patch our economy has seen -- particularly here in Michigan -- so I can say I have been truly blessed this year.

In my business, I see a fair amount of unhappiness and bad fortune -- some of it unfair and undeserved; some of it that inexplicably to me, people bring upon themselves. So when the time comes tomorrow to say what I have been thankful for, my challenge will be to limit it :D

Thanks -- all of you who participate here -- for the comeraderie, and to those new friends I confirmed in October, especially for being friends and sharing not only this great pastime of ours, but your friendship and a little of your lives with me. I can only hope I will have "given" a little to you, too.

Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving and let that continue through this holiday season.

If it sounds too good to be true, its probably . . . .

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Postby abby » Wed Nov 24, 2010 7:00 pm

Hi Andy,
Wonderful post! You certainly are blessed and it was nice to read your reflections on the past year. You must be some kind of a superhero who wears a Zorro hat........and what kind of an adoring fan would buy you waterproof pants?????? You must have quite the superhero following!!!!! (Right back at you with the inside joke) :wink:
It's been said before, but I'll say it again here.....I am so thankful for the friends I have met here, and I am so thankful that so many of us were able to be together this past October. It was a pleasure getting to meet your best bud Rich.......even though it's only been via email......but he's a great guy and I hope that some day I can meet him in person as well.

Me and my long suffering husband would like to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!! I'd also like to wish all the other members of our "SOV Family" a wonderful Thanksgiving as well.
With many thanks,

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