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Postby ctyanky » Wed Dec 02, 2009 7:21 pm

FAX: I enjoyed your photos. Especially the one of your wife and baby. That's a keeper! That is Warren Mountain Road. It's a wonderful drive. Did you take it into Warren or out of Warren. The name changes I think to the Roxbury Mountain Road at some point. I am taking Carol there next fall.

Also, the Kirby Mountain Road is also a great ride. Apparently, you were on the more "pleasant" portion of the drive. I took the Kirby Mtn. Road out of Victory Bog where it starts at Victory Hill. Let me tell you it was rocks, ruts, large branches in the road (narrow dirt road all the way - only one car width), barely passable in some parts, etc. It was my idea to drive it and it was not a road for a van. So you must have been on the part that is closer to Ridge Road near East Burke. The part I was on has dashed lines on my Jimapco! :shock:

I sure would like to go to Owl's Head next fall. I'll try to make it happen. It looks beautiful.

Really enjoyed your photos.
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Postby Andy » Sun Dec 06, 2009 8:34 am

Nice work on the blended exposures, FAX.

CT: Owl's Head is worth the trip. You have been so close every time you have been in VT. The state forest highway, itself is worth the drive. Its a short, but steep climb to the top -- but worth the exertion for the view.

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Postby autzig » Mon Dec 07, 2009 9:50 pm

FAX, if these photos qualify as B photos, you are much too hard on yourself. They were all very nice.

I agree with Andy about Owl's Head. I think I've gone there every year that I've visited Vermont. There are many nice photo opportunities near by. From Rickker Pond to Owl's head itself. I've frozen my little fingers off shooting the steam rising from the pond and at other times, it has been very warm. Cold or hot, this is an area that must be seen during foliage season.

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