An evening with Arnold Kaplan

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An evening with Arnold Kaplan

Postby abby » Wed Sep 30, 2009 8:57 am

Last night, Arnold Kaplan presented a FANTASTIC presentation at my camera club meeting.
He is such an endearing gentleman and I thoroughly enjoyed his program. The first portion was titled "Here's the scene....where's the photo?" It was a terrific slideshow about composition. The next portion was a slideshow featuring Cape Cod scenics, and Arnold put a dramatic twist on the shots and he titled it "Cape Cod In A Dream State". The next portion was a slideshow presentation of computer generated "artsy" photos. It is amazing to see a man at the age of 93 years young to be so computer savy! :wink:
After a short break (during this time I asked Arnold to autograph my yellow book.............He signed it "To Carol (Abby) A Vermont Lover Arnold Kaplan") How cool is that??????? :wink: Okay, after the short break, it was the highlight of the evening for me. He showed his Vermont scenic slideshow. The photos are GORGEOUS and I had a smile on my face during the entire show. :P

I told Arnold I was up in the NEK this past weekend and he was interested in hearing about the foliage conditions. Arnold and a few friends will be traveling to VT on Monday Oct 5th starting in St Johnsbury and working their way down the state for 5 days. If any of you are around during that time period, look around and see who is photographing nearby you. You just may find yourself on a hillside alongside Arnold Kaplan himself!

Arnold put some extra info in with his latest version of his yellow book inluding suggestions to visit as well as He also mentions his monthly "Photo scenics" that are being posted right here on this forum!

All in all, it was a terrific evening and I know it is the highlight of this years camera club meetings for me!!!!

Carol (abby)

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