Foliage Routes

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Foliage Routes

Postby Guest » Wed Jul 12, 2000 2:22 pm

Hello, I have printed off a lot of information on inns in Vermont. We are planning to<BR> fly into Boston, drive through Mass to Vermont across New Hampshire and into Maine<BR> and back to Boston. Can you give me an idea of which areas are best to drive<BR> through for the best folage. I printed off a useful map of the best time to go which I<BR> am glad I did because we were planning on coming the 6th-15th and from the info I<BR> gathered late sept to the first week in October is better. Any help would be<BR> appreciated. I want to book soon to get the best Inns. Thanks, Pati

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Re: Foliage Routes

Postby vilvic » Sat Jul 15, 2000 12:16 pm

That's a very ambitious drive. Foliage is a huge season here in the Stowe Vermont area. Lots of B&B's require 2,3, even 4 night minimums. Suggestion: Pick an area (like Stowe Image - slightly prejudiced) and enjoy the drive up from Boston (and back, go different routes), taking the back roads thru the changing foliage, then spend your time in one or two areas and make day trips. Stowe is a great base camp - Morrisville's even better, since we're the only B&B there Image<P>philip

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Re: Foliage Routes

Postby one4t » Wed Jul 26, 2000 5:22 pm

Frommer's New England book came with a great map. If you look real close you can see that Route 7 and 100 go north, Connecticut all the way through Vermont. I'm told that Hwy 89 is loaded with foliage. At night there are no lights so it's really dark. Watch out for deer. I've not been there before, but I've been on the Web planning my trip since April. I booked my B&B in VT for 4 nights in May. I'm also meeting friends the last 2 days of my trip on the Cape. So I have 2 nights in Maine before that.

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