Answer to South-Central VT Sept. 25 - 29

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Answer to South-Central VT Sept. 25 - 29

Postby svmoderator » Thu Sep 27, 2001 9:47 am

My reply wouldn't post, must be a problem at the server, so here's my answer. S.<P>Hi,<BR>Definitely take Rte. 100 sometime...certainly at least from Rutland via Rte. 4. Then go up through the Rte. 100/White River corridor along the White River Valley to the Mad River Valley. There are many side gaps you can take...actually, you could take the Brandon Gap (Rte. 73) north of Rutland from Rte. 7 and drop down onto Rte. 100 just south of Rochester, then go north on Rte. 100. I was just there on Sunday, and the foliage is getting intense. Then north of Waitsfield, if you still want to see Burlington, you can take Rte. 100 to I-89 and go north to Burlington. Or not, and just take Rte. 100B to Rte. 2 and Montpelier. It's getting beautiful everywhere now, but I especially like the Rte. 100 drive through the river valleys with surrounding mountains. Enjoy! Susanne<p>[This message has been edited by svmoderator (edited 09-27-2001).]

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