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Photo locations

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2005 10:02 am
by autzig
I have the good fortune to be able to schedule a business trip to Vermont each October. I take a few extra days to engage in my passion of photography. Last year I spent time in the state parks near Groton. I spent a very cold early morning shooting the steam rising off the stream at Ricker Pond and at a great lookout over Groton Pond. I will arrive on October 8 and will have three full days for photography. I would appreciate any ideas of where I can find similar settings (at peak color of course).

Re: Photo locations

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2005 6:52 pm
by pwt54
If you don't want to hike too far for a photo you can take the toll road to Mt. Mansfield off route 108 in Stowe. The toll road starts in the parking behind the Inn on the Mountain. You can also take the toll road to the top of Burke Mountain. If you have all day, that hike up Mt. Pisgah is worth it. There is also a trail to the top of Mt. Hor on the other side of Lake Willoughby. About a mile south of the lake you will come to 2 parking areas for the Mt.Pisgah trail. In the right parking lot you will see the old CCC road. This will take you to the Mt. Hor trailhead. There is pull off on this road with a great view of Lake Willoughby. I also like riding the back roads of Peacham and Barnet, Craftsbury/Albany/Greensboro area, and the back roads north of Montpelier between the County Road and route 14. The County Road starts as North Main Street in Montpelier. There is a whole bunch of roads east of County Rd. that have a wide variety of views including the Tebbets Road that goes under a barn(sort of). Try to find a Jimmapco Vermont Atlas at a grocery store, a bookshop or at Staples if you want to try these roads. The Delorme or Northern Cartagraphic Atlases will work but are harder to read. The best parts of Vermont arew on the back roads.