End of the Season

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Re: End of the Season

Post: # 2349Post ixl
Wed Oct 27, 2004 5:04 pm

It was nice to "meet" you bm.. have a great winter. Stay warm! ;) --c
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Re: End of the Season

Post: # 2350Post pwt54
Thu Oct 28, 2004 6:54 am

It's been fun chatting with everyone. I guess we can rest up and get ready for next year. There was a young lady here at the rest area from Texas taking a photo of our last orange leaves on Monday. She wanted to come back next year so I gave her some advice and the address of our forum. I'm starting a list of my favorite roads and saving it on my computers so I can copy and paste the roads onto the board. It will save a lot of time for this 2 fingered typer. Holly @^%$! 3 Buses just pulled in !!!

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Re: End of the Season

Post: # 2351Post lisarmc
Thu Oct 28, 2004 10:37 pm

I too had a great time reading and getting info from everyone, can't wait to do it again! Hope to see you next year.
Lisa McB.

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