What went wrong?

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What went wrong?

Post: # 2303Post rschoener
Mon Oct 18, 2004 10:39 pm

What did I do wrong? I took a Japanese friend up to VT this weekend (Oct 17) - the southeast, up route 91 to route 30 then up 35.

The colors were yellows, browns - but no red or orange. It was nice, but not worth driving past the MA border. I thought from this website that that area would still be at peak.

Was it past peak, or just the wrong kinds of trees in that area? My friend will be here next year, so I want to tweak this so that I get it right next time! Thanks!

My friend will be here next year, so

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Re: What went wrong?

Post: # 2305Post pwt54
Tue Oct 19, 2004 8:53 am

That part of Vermont has a lot of Oak trees. They turn later than other trees. Even up here near Burlington the Oaks are just barely turning. Generally speaking, if you want an abundance of red and orange you want areas with a lot of maple trees. In southern Vermont that would mean the highlands around route 100. In the north any where above route US 4. That would mean getting here around Columbus Day weekend for most of the State or about now for the Champlain Valley areas of Franklin, Chittenden and Addison counties. I can understand your disappointment. I thought there was good color down there the weekend before but there was not a lot of red and orange until I got to the Weston/Chester area.

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Re: What went wrong?

Post: # 2306Post ixl
Tue Oct 19, 2004 6:57 pm

It was an off year in southern VT. I think part of the problem is we got more rain in late Sept than northern VT did, and still have not had much in the way of frosts/freezes.

There are some oranges/reds out there, but they aren't dominant. I drove through Manchester today, a tree I shot there last year that was fiery red this year was a pale yellow. Just the way it worked out, it's very unpredictable. --c
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