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Thank you all.

Posted: Thu Oct 14, 2004 10:59 pm
by Kai
I went to Vermont last weekend. Before my trip, I got tremondous help from this board.

Unfortunately the weather was pretty bad, and probably I took the wrond road. Before my trip, I thought that my best best would be anywhere between Rutland and Burlington, so I took Rt 7 from Bennington to Burlington along RT 7. Hobestly I was a little disappointed. The foliage pattern was wierd. There were some foliage right after Benington, then after that, the color was just dull. I saw lots of bare trees, so I doubt it would get any better this year.

The best place was on RT 116.

Since the e=weather was really bad, so I went to Adirondack the second day. Again, the weather was bad, but it seems the foliage was better.

I really wish I had chance to tour rt100. It seems there are so many interesing places there.

It is so funny that on our way up, some part of PA was in the full peak, where in Troy, NY, most trees were green. I don't understand this foliage pattern at all. Also higher elevation doesn't necessarily mean the color change happens earlier.

Thank you all for the help. Hope to see you guys next year.

BTW, I got some of photos of this foliage trip at:


Re: Thank you all.

Posted: Fri Oct 15, 2004 6:45 am
by pwt54
You weren't alone in your disappointment. Those green trees you saw were probably red oaks. They change late. They are just starting in the higher elevations.