If CT's leaves are quite brilliant...

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If CT's leaves are quite brilliant...

Post: # 2200Post peeperplus
Mon Oct 11, 2004 10:31 pm

...Why is Vermont..Woodstock area so late? This seems to be a strange year for fall color, but I remember last year was too. Last year, I was up in the Woodstock area around the 10th and there was very little color..too early. There was more traveling toward Killington, but the trees were nearly bare at Killington and very little color north from there. In fact, I saw just as much color at home in Northern CT as I saw in my trip to Vermont last year,especially in the Woodstock area. The same thing appears to be happening this year. The peak colors here in N.CT are coming on quite strong already, with near peak color in several areas. My back yard in Northern CT is near peak today, whereas in prior years this came around the 20th. Seems to be another strange foliage year to me.

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Re: If CT's leaves are quite brilliant...

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Tue Oct 12, 2004 7:12 am

It has definitely been a strange year, no doubt about it. --c
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Re: If CT's leaves are quite brilliant...

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Tue Oct 12, 2004 7:36 am

I was down there on Sunday and was a little disappointed with the colors. The lousy weather didn't help. There are a lot of oaks down there and they won't change for at least another week. They are just starting to turn on route 110 in Tunbridge. There are also a lot of ash trees down there. They are starting to turn and at this stage the leaves are very dark and on a dark day at a distance the ash look bare. But as you get closer or if the sun comes out you can see the leaves better. By next weekend they will be yellow.

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