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PWT"S update Oct. 11& a road for IXL

Posted: Mon Oct 11, 2004 6:12 pm
by pwt54
What a lousy weekend. I just rode around and checked out the foliage. Route 15 is still beautiful and should be for a few more days. Route 14 is good from East Calais to East Brookfield but not great below there yet. Route 12 is good from Northfield Falls down to Randolph. Coming along below there. Route 110 was disappointing from route 14 to Chelsea. It improved up over Washington heights. Then when I came down the hill into Washington--- WOW!!! The whole area was ablaze! Routes US 2, 302,25,and 15 in that area is late peak. There are some areas of bare trees, but there is an awful lot of color left and a lot of red and orange. Cabot,Walden Peacham, Barnet, Groton, Orange, and Washington are beautiful right now. I haven't seen colors this good all weekend. Get up there nas soon as possible. It won't last too long now. In Peacham I took Maple Lane. There is a good view of the back of Peacham Village and a group of sugar maples next to the cemetery, should be a good photo. Maple Lane ends on the Mack Mountain Road. What a great ride that was. Big old maples right next to the road creating tree tunnels and all in full color. This road ends on route US 2. I turned left drove about a 1/2 of a mile and turn right onto the Danville Hill Road. OK IXL, this is the road. I haven't been on this road for a while so I forgot what a great panoramic view there was as you dropped down in Cabot. It is an almost 180% view from the southwest to the northwest. This area is the hot spot for most of the week, but I fear this weekend might be the end. One other thing, The Broofield Floating Bridge is closed to traffic right now. The anchoring on the east side is failing. You can still walk on it and see it but the State Workers were not sure if the could reopen it temporarily or close it for the season and fix it next spring. This may be my last update. I gotta take some photos soon. I couldn't this weekend.

Re: PWT"S update Oct. 11& a road for IXL

Posted: Mon Oct 11, 2004 6:22 pm
by ixl
Thanks Phil!

I really don't think I can get up to Cabot again this year... just don't have the time to go that far north. But I will save it for next year, when I hope to go up north again.

See my new post about taking photos in gray weather, maybe it will help you next time we have nasty conditions... which unfortunately may be most of this week.

If you can, Wednesday is the day to "call in sick" and do your blue sky photography. :) --c

Re: PWT"S update Oct. 11& a road for IXL

Posted: Mon Oct 11, 2004 6:33 pm
by pwt54
I'm not allowede to be sick during foliage season. I am aloowed to die with a week's notice, however. :D