Anyone go up to northern VT today?

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Anyone go up to northern VT today?

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Sun Oct 03, 2004 5:02 pm

Just wondering what the foliage is like in north-central or NW VT right now... especially the 109/100C/118 area. Trying to decide if I should go up that far tomorrow or stick down in the Montpelier area... I bet Smuggler's Notch is bare by now eh? --c
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Re: Anyone go up to northern VT today?

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Sun Oct 03, 2004 5:58 pm

I don't have any experience with what is peak etc.
I traveled from St. Johnsbury to West Danville on rt 2 then rt 15 to Hardwick then rt 14 to rt 100 near Newport Center. Then Rt 100 S to rt 100C to rt 15 in Johnson on into Burlington.
I think there is more color in the first 1/3 or 1/2 of that trip. Some of the mountain tops looked past peak, brown or no color. The closer I got to Burlington was much less colorful.
I don't remember the specific 100C part of the route I took. I do remember a bright red tree growing out of a pine on the left, which really made for a good contrast in the second quarter of the route.

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Re: Anyone go up to northern VT today?

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Sun Oct 03, 2004 8:14 pm

I live about 1/2 of a mile below that tree. We are not at peak yet. The browns you saw were Ash Trees in their early stage. They turn yellow later. There is a lot of them around here. The only trouble spot is on Rt. 118 in the swamps around Long / Belvidere Pond. They turn real early and may be gone by. You'll probably take route 100C from Johnson. You drive about 2 mile of twisty road and then you come to a long straight piece. Youu'll see a sign for the Lamoille County Fields Days on the right side. At the end of this straight piece the road dips and curves to the right. There is a dirt road straight ahead. Take it. This is the Ober Hill Road. It comes out on route 100 north of North Hyde Park. It has good color and a couple of views. Turn left when you hit Rt.100. In about a mile look for the White Road on the left after a bridge. Take this road. It starts paved but turns to dirt. You go up a hill to a "T" type intersection and turn right. When this road ends bear left and drive this road to route 118 and turn left again. The section of rt. 118 you skipped is mostly evergreens. The dirt roads you were on have good colors and some views. Also, if you look at your atlas, just west of Montgomery you'll see 2 roads on the left Called Hill West Road and West Hill Road. This is a good ride. But 2 things. First, the Creamery Bridge Road exist between the Hill West Road and the bridge. You have to use the West Hill Road to get to the bridge. DO NOT take the Hill West Road to the Gibou Road. You can take the West Hiil Road to the Gibou Road. The Gibou Road was passible but rough in a car last year last year, but I'm not sure about this year. Oh, yeah, the covered bridge on the Gibou Road has been removed and store for future repair.

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