Hiking in Dorset Vermont! Excellent Website!

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Hiking in Dorset Vermont! Excellent Website!

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Sat Nov 13, 2021 8:08 pm


Now that I've fallen in love with the town of Dorset, I've discovered this great website for hiking in the area. There are so many hikes it is amazing. Since I've entered the hiking phase/passion of my life, I am planning to try a few on a couple of daytrips. The one that "peaked" my interest :wink: was Dorset Peak. It is located on Tower Road in the Dorset Hollows where we recently drove the loops. I would like to try it next fall but not sure I can make the whole hike as it is coined as difficult with water crossings. I love steep hikes but the length of it is a bit daunting! Hopefully, I can continue hiking in CT and VT before the snows come and get my endurance up to speed. If anyone has been on any of the mentioned hikes, I would love to know your thoughts.

Love hiking in stick season! No bugs, no humidity, fallen leaves on the trails and beauty abounds in the forests! I've developed a list now of all the hikes I've completed to share with family, friends and neighbors and it is so exciting to have them come up to me and say they loved the trails and can't wait to hike the others on the list. Networking with trail buddies is the best! :wink:

Happy Hiking Friends!!!! :D🥾🥾🥾
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