NEk Foliage Report #2 from 10/02/21

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NEk Foliage Report #2 from 10/02/21

Post: # 23533Post edmcguirk
Sat Oct 02, 2021 5:37 pm

Drove north from St. J. to Island Pond, Norton, Averill, Canaan, and on to Pittsburg NH. Rained lightly all day, the colors were more saturated from wet leaves, and it was a good day for photography, with lots of fog hanging around the mountain tops too.

Color in Island Pond up through Norton was 80% to 85% of peak, with pockets of full peak sprinkled here and there. The colors were rich and vibrant, especially the reds. Going across the top of Vermont to Averill, Forest Lake and Canaan, color was at full peak, and looking vibrant as well. Pittsburg, NH and the Connecticut Lakes were flaming 100% peak, with very rich color. No signs of brown in any of these areas, the color was as good as you could hope for. Driving back to hotel in Saint Johnsbury at 5:00pm, it looked about 40% to 50%, which is up slightly from yesterday. This may be perception though, the wet leaves likely helped the appearance of the less than peak color.

Tomorrow heading to Groton State forest, and Marshfield in the morning, and Victory Basin in the afternoon. I'll be curious to see if Groton is more advanced than St. J, normally it would be, so hoping for the best.

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Re: NEk Foliage Report #2 from 10/02/21

Post: # 23536Post ctyanky
Sat Oct 02, 2021 5:55 pm

Great report Ed! Victory Basin is one of my favorite drives. Maybe a moose will appear for you! You are off to Groton one of your favorite places of all for photo ops. Looking forward to your impressions. CT

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