Your 100% (Wow) Moment in Vermont? Here's mine.....

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Your 100% (Wow) Moment in Vermont? Here's mine.....

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Mon Jan 11, 2021 3:28 pm

Hello SOV Foliage Friends! I hope this post finds you well and hopeful in the new year. May you have continued health and optimism that we will return to a sense of normalcy very soon!

To begin my post, I recently read an article in the NYT from contributors responding to the “52 Places to Love in 2021”. Their stories basically revealed their favorite locations around the world so much so, that they were inspired to write about their experiences, and why that locale left them with such a vivid and everlasting memory. I wish I had known about this request for submissions sooner, and I would have entered mine.

Sure, I have experienced many “wow moments” in Vermont over the years; they will never leave my memory. A few that have come to mind right off the bat are as follows: the first time I laid my eyes upon those forever cascading layers of mountain ranges at the Lewis Pond Overlook in peak foliage, that thrill of pure bliss while cantering my Icelandic horse down a dirt road amidst the flaming colors of the season, the winter I took a Belgian horse drawn wagon ride in freezing cold temps across a snowy field to the sugarbush during maple syrup weekend while listening to their harness bells tinkle as they crunched through the deep snow, the first time I went up the CCC road in Westmore to view the emerald waters and the expanse of Lake Willoughby on a perfect autumn day, the thrill of sending my cooper hawk in flight when I was took my second training lesson at the Green Mountain Falconry School in Manchester, VT. These “wow moments” will certainly stay with me forever.

But have you just had that one special moment in Vermont that touched you in so many ways, that you felt like time stood still and you were supposed to be there at that one moment in time? If so, read on.

As you may infer from some of my posts on this forum, I have been enamored with the village of Peacham, Vermont for years. I travel there during each foliage season; the draw is uncanny. I feel so at home in Peacham. For many reasons, some yet unknown to me, it holds a very special place in my heart. During a recent week long stay in the village in autumn, I met many locals, and got to know the area in more depth than ever before. The community's sense of belonging and connection to others in town in time of need made a great impact on my stay. At breakfast, my host shared such engaging stories about the town, its history, special back roads or local lore tid bits. His sincerity and hospitality made me feel truly welcomed despite being a “flatlander tourist”. I know that if I ever moved here, I would be integrated into the town with ease. The vibe here is special.

So in Peacham, VT, one beautiful, autumn afternoon, I experienced my deepest sense of awe in a most mystical, enchanting way that made this 100% moment arise to the top of my list!

During a past Peacham fall foliage festival, I was walking up the hill the towards the fire station just finishing up the festival activities for the day. I was feeling so blessed to be in Peacham, my heart was full. Something beckoned me to turn around, and as I did, the church bells began to ring and the whole town seemed enchanted. Looking down towards the village center, the town appeared as if it was glowing from the sun on the changing leaves! No one was on the hill at the time, just myself. I kept thinking, is this for real? It was such a magical moment, visually and auditorily, that I actually got chills and even tears in my eyes. Was this a moment just for me telling me to keep coming back here? It was saying, don't leave just yet! And so I stayed there for a bit, closed my eyes and soaked in every second of this moment in time.

A 100% moment it was. Perhaps this is number 53 in places to love in 2021! :D CT

Do you have a special 100% moment? Vermont is full of them! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
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