Eastcentral Vermont and Route 110

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Eastcentral Vermont and Route 110

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Wed Sep 29, 2004 11:16 am

Well, foliage is moving along south and in a week or so peak will be somewhere between route 15 and route US 2. This may be a good time to discuss the east central area of Vermont. Looking at a Vt. Map you can see some good “loops’ using routes 12, 14 and 110 in any combination. There are some other “loops using 110, 113, 132 US 5 or the Academy Road at Thetford Hill as an alternative. Lets talk about that road. When you come into Thetford Hill there is a 4 way intersection, Academy Road is the paved road on the south side of route 113. You drive this road through the covered bridge in Union Village to get to route 132. This road starts out as Main Street on route 132. I prefer to use this road to link up routes 113 and 132. You notice I’m not using left or right turns but north, east, south, or west. That’s because I’m not sure how you will be driving these loops. Now, there are a few things to discuss about route 110. There are 6 covered bridges on this road. I’ll name the roads they are on going south to north. The Howe bridge is on the east side of route 110. You can’t miss it. The next one is on Howe Lane off the west side of Rt. 110. Howe Lane loops back to Rt.110 so drive right through the bridge to Rt. 110. The next one is in the village of Tunbridge on the left side across from the General Store. The next one is on the Larkin Road off the east side of Rt. 110. You might be able to see it from Rt. 110. The next one is on the Bicknell Hill Road of the east side of Rt. 110. The next one is just up the road on the Moxley Road. It’s off the east side of Rt. 110. (NOTE; you can reach both of these bridges using the Moxley Rd. If you use the Bicknell Hill Rd., turn left after the bridge. If you use the Moxley Rd., just drive through that bridge and go until you see the other bridge and drive through that bridge. It’s a short dirt road with good views.) Just north of Moxley Road on the west side of Rt. 110 is the East Randolph Road. This a paved secondary road that goes to route 14 in East Randolph about ½ mile above the Braley Road and that covered bridge. It’s a nice ride. For you folks that would rather do covered bridges than foliage this is a great shortcut. One more thing about route 110 before we end. About a mile north of Tunbridge Village and about 2 miles south of North Tunbridge on the west side of Rt. 110 is the Whitney Hill Road. It is a dirt road, but it has one of the prettiest Round Barns in the State. It’s on a side hill with a beautiful long view in the background. Continuing straight ahead you will come to an old one room schoolhouse on the west side. At the west side of the schoolhouse is the crumbling remains of the old 2 seat outhouse and past that you will see the old rope ski tow in the field. Continue the Whitney Hill rd to the end at the Dickerman road and turn right to get to Route 110. You will be about ½ of a mile north of the Larkin Road and it’s covered bridge. That ought to do it for now. I’ll do Route 14 later.

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