Picture Perfect Putney VT 9/8! Putney Mtn. Summit, Hidden Springs Maple, Putney General Store, Green Mountain Orchards..

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Picture Perfect Putney VT 9/8! Putney Mtn. Summit, Hidden Springs Maple, Putney General Store, Green Mountain Orchards..

Post: # 22507Post ctyanky
Sun Sep 08, 2019 6:02 pm

Another excellent fall day in beautiful SE Vermont with yet another hiking venue and lots of adventures to follow! The day was splendid. A top ten fall day - I can't say enough about these glorious weekends in New England we have been experiencing all summer! I've been doing my happy dance with each upcoming weekend! :D :D :D

I pulled Putney Mountain on Windmill Ridge Preserve in SE VT out of a hat, because it was basically an 1 ½ hours from home and we got there by 10! But what intrigued me the most was that their mission statement spoke to me and I was enamored with all that they do with bringing all their trails (new and old) for generations to enjoy. They have done outstanding work and I hope you can experience the trails that I took to the summit and the beautiful drive up West Hill Road (thank you Minnesotaman) and Putney Mountain Road.

"The Putney Mountain Association believes there is a vital link between human beings and the natural environment. "

I truly believe this. Many here are true hard core and very talented photographers and I understand that passion that excites you to the core. Mine is being surrounded by, being in and absorbed into the natural environment by hiking. As I mentioned in a previous post, I feel like I'm becoming one with the trees and forests lately, :P with all the hiking I've been doing this summer in VT and CT. My hiking passion has been ignited!

I hope you enjoy this hiking journey I take you all on every other weekend in VT, and I encourage you to try these different mountain hikes that are stunning with all those breathtaking long views galore! It is healthy for the mind, body and soul. Not to mention keeping in tip, top shape! Bottom line!

The trails we took were well maintained, albeit rocky and root strewn in many places, and the trails were color coded. There were signage markers on various junctures explaining the habitat and types of hardwood forest, invasive plants, ecology, etc. and they were built on natural wood stands, mostly hemlock. We took the yellow trail and blue trail to the summit. The blue trail had some thigh burners but mostly I would say it was easy to moderate. On the way down we took the white trail to complete the loop.

And that summit! Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!! The views to the west and east were unreal. We saw Mt. Monadnock and the visibility was outstanding. To the west, Stratton and Mt. Snow and many other peaks. We met some lovely folks doing their hawk watch and we caught a few of the regulars circling over head. A local gentleman living down the mountain gave us lots of advice and information about the mountain.

There are sheep up there at the top!!!! They are there to control the invasive buckthorn! It was crazy! :shock:

Anyways, there are sooooo many trails and at the end of October, we are going to hike the pinnacle!!! I can't wait because the color should be very good then at the pinnacle on the North End.

After, the hike we went to Green Mountain Orchards and tasted the very best cider donuts I've had thus far. The place was huge and well visited with folks picking blueberries, peaches and apples. I am so glad we went there and just found out one of our very own forum members worked there! Such a small world! Hope he chimes in! :wink:

We then had a deeeeeeeeelicous lunch at the Putney General Store with the biggest sandwich ever. Their deli is excellent! After that, we hit Hidden Springs Maple and I got some syrup to last me until I leave for Vermont in a couple of weeks. It is a cute place with lots of Vermont goodies and I had to pass on the maple creemee because of the cider donut invasion I had just partaken of. Do go there if you have a chance, they have everything you need Vermont related.

For a final adventure we hit the Putney Farmers Market and it was excellent. Lots of booths with super grade produce, gifts, etc. Very well organized I must say. I got some breakfast radishes and a head of lettuce to take home.

I will include the links below. What a truly blissful day in Putney VT. Thanks to Minnesotaman for a road recommendation. Ed McGuirk suggested we head to Walpole, NH but we ran out of time as this was a day trip and my friend just can't keep up with me! I think one more stop would have put him over the edge. Next weekend we have to skip VT because I have a land trust hike and we are heading to Woodstock the weekend after for their Forest Festival. Then I leave for the big foliage trip!






Oh yes, the COLOR! Not as apparent as it was two weekends ago heading to Manchester on 30 but remember it is very much lower SE VT. But what we saw was most trees really fading out and what color was appearing was the red maples and boy were they bright!!!!
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Re: Picture Perfect Putney VT 9/8! Putney Mtn. Summit, Hidden Springs Maple, Putney General Store, Green Mountain Orchar

Post: # 22508Post edmcguirk
Mon Sep 09, 2019 7:33 am

ctyanky, thanks for the trip report. Southeast Vermont along the Connecticut River (excluding Brattleboro) is IMO one of the most under-appreciated fall foliage destinations in the state. I was born and grew up in the area of Bellows Falls, VT and Walpole, NH which is just a short distance up the river from Putney. The whole area from Rockingham, VT. south to Putney is incredible, if off the beaten path. Do yourself a favor and get off Interstate 91 and drive Rt. 5 along the river instead. The summit of Putney Mountain is one of my favorite hidden gems for fall photography at sunrise or sunset, the cost/benefit ratio of this short climb is off the charts in terms of the view for such a short hike.

Attached is a shot from over 20 years ago, shot on slide film and scanned. This sunrise at Putney Mountain was one of the most amazing I've ever seen, as the sun burst through the clouds after a rainstorm ended.
Putney Mountain (1 of 1).jpg

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Re: Picture Perfect Putney VT 9/8! Putney Mtn. Summit, Hidden Springs Maple, Putney General Store, Green Mountain Orchar

Post: # 22527Post ctyanky
Wed Sep 11, 2019 6:44 am

Hi Ed: I agree, SE VT is under appreciated as well as SW VT. I travel these southern sections frequently as I can get there in just 1 1/2 hours. Beauty abounds here if you seek it out. The small towns and hamlets are a treat for the eyes and the backroads are just as nice as anywhere else. As a matter of fact, the whole state has so much to offer it can be a bit overwhelming! I know folks traveling during foliage season have limited time in the state. Those of us close by have more opportunities to check out different areas. I am fortunate to have friends in southern VT who have shown me the beauty down there. Charles (ixl) from this forum has taken much of his time to help me explore the SW section and advised me where to go when I'm out by myself. That was an added bonus.

On another note, I am adding a link to the Putney Food Coop which was right next to the farmers market and I never knew it existed until we went to Putney. I thought there was just a general store. The Coop has received great reviews! Enjoy! I have also heard Curtis' BBQ is quite the stop. Next time!!!!

I can't wait to return to this area later in the fall season. It is splendid! CT




Thanks for your input Ed. CT

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