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Hooded Merganser In Vermont?

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 2:34 pm
by ctyanky ... _Merganser

Has anyone seen this exotic waterfowl in Vermont? I'm hoping to see one this fall as I will be near all the Woodbury, Cabot, Marshfield, etc. ponds while I am in Peacham for a week. I would love to capture a photo, even from afar, as I have done for loons. I think they are exquisite!

I am hoping this is the year for Vermont wildlife viewing (aka moose) as this past weekend I saw a bobcat and a mama bear with three huge cubs (all tagged) within minutes of each other strolling along and taking their time across the road into the forest in northern CT. We are having an resurgence of black bear in CT and they seem to be everywhere now that it is spring. Absolutely breathtaking! :D