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Six Month Countdown to Autumn in Vermont 2019!

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 7:44 am
by ctyanky
Well here we are, just about 6 months and 10 days until the autumnal equinox! (But who is counting? :wink: ). Minnesotaman reminded me a couple of days ago that he couldn't believe all the snow they had in MN while we are nearing the six month countdown until fall foliage season in Vermont begins. I agree! So much snow on the ground, what a cold, icy winter we have had in New England.

Despite the fact that I'm currently chasing the sugarhouse trail in CT, MA and VT, thoughts never stray far from my beloved Vermont fall foliage excursions. I've been checking lodging websites and prime weekends are rapidly filling up in many inns, bed and breakfasts and airbnbs. I'm lining up my horseback riding trips around my four lodging stays and am looking into new hiking trails in these areas, mostly in the NEK and Stowe locations. This year, as I am in Peacham for almost a week, I'm hoping to hit as many of the NEK Fall Foliage Festivals as possible for their dinners, craft fairs and tours. It's been a dream of mine to stay right in Peacham and this is the year! 8) I'm also thrilled to be staying right in Stowe mid-week for a change of pace, just love the area and the hustle and bustle of this lovely town. I'm so excited to be staying in another place just outside of Stowe on a horse farm. A full stable right outside my window! Ahhhh, just the idea of it makes me want to get my riding gear ready! :mrgreen:

Soon our focus will be on finalizing fall foliage trip plans so that we can narrow down all the fun activities to pursue while tooling about the most beautiful autumn back roads in the great state of Vermont. :D I love the planning involved and am always glad to assist friends and neighbors with their autumn trips in Vermont and throughout New England. It just makes me so happy! :D :D :D

The countdown begins! CT

Re: Six Month Countdown to Autumn in Vermont 2019!

Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 8:36 am
by ctyanky
Is anyone else ready for winter to come to a close? Spring is here but it still feels like early March! :( I just saw that we may get a dose of wet snow this coming Friday and I say "no more"! When I was up for sugaring weekend March 23rd, the snow was relatively deep and felt like January!!!!

The grass is greening in my neck of the woods in northern CT, the trees are approaching effervescence, but buds seem another week or so away. I'm ready to move on to those emerging mint green leaves already. Our lovely leaves of autumn coming alive before my eyes. :D

I see that some of the fall festivals and activities are now being populated on various sites and that is very exciting to me! I am going to the Autumn on the Green in Danville this year and the Hardwick Fall Festival (same weekend) as I am in Peacham for the week and very close to these towns. I expect the NEK Fall Foliage Festivals in the 7 towns to come aboard in June and will post them as they do. I am thinking of now extending my trip into the Columbus Day Weekend and have come across many Airbnb's already filled in areas that I am interested in. We are getting closer! 8)

Happy Spring! May the true warmth cometh! (I'm off today to get my seasonal pool pass to enlighten my day. :lol:)

Danville: Sunday, October 6, 2019

Hardwick: Saturday, October 5, 2019

Re: Six Month Countdown to Autumn in Vermont 2019!

Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 7:34 am
by ctyanky
Hello everyone! As I write this, we are in the low 30's and parts of CT are experiencing frost! It pains me to keep the furnace going! :shock: Yesterday, we were checking out back roads in the NW corner and it was flurrying. The lakes, rivers and streams were extremely high and some flooding was apparent. The waterfalls are tremendous! It still feels like early March. :( But it is so gorgeous everywhere with lush lawns, beautiful flowering shrubs and trees and mint green leaves abound!

Anyways, we are just about 4 1/2 months until the autumn equinox. :D Time seems to be flying by now that we are in the spring season. Many towns are updating their fair and festival sites and I'm anxiously awaiting the NEK Fall Festival update for the 7 towns. As I am in Peacham for the first week in October, I plan to hit many of the town festivals and suppers. My favorites so far have been Groton, Barnet and Peacham and now I have the opportunity to complete the rest! :D

I have decided to frontload my itinerary to include the last weekend in September so that I can go to the Burke Fall Festival on Saturday, September 28th, and ride at DnD Stables on Sunday. I found a place in the NEK near Newport that I am booking soon! It is amazing! As I lead some tours in NW CT and the Berkshires, I really need to be home for Columbus Day Weekend. As it is, I will be in Vermont a full two weeks for fall foliage, so it will be time to return home. :wink:

Stay tuned as the countdown continues!!!! CT

Re: Six Month Countdown to Autumn in Vermont 2019!

Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 7:30 am
by ctyanky
Edging closer! :D :D :D

Hello foliage fanatics, we are just about 3 months and 3 weeks until the autumn equinox! (not counting the days yet! :mrgreen: ) This spring is simply divine and the Memorial Day Weekend is glorious here in New England! I'm taking advantage of this lovely weather to hike, travel about the NW corner of CT to visit my favorite dairy farm for their open house, drive some dirt back roads up there, and to enjoy a family gathering for a BBQ. Life is good! :wink:

Nonetheless, we are about a month from our summer solstice and then our fall season will be upon us. I'm trying my best to get in shape throughout the summer for longer, more challenging hikes in Vermont. I've seen so many super hiking trails in my VT lodging areas and I hope to try a few! Nothing feeds my soul better than being in the forest surrounded by trees and all that the natural world has to offer. Vermont is the place to soak it all in for sure!

If you have not yet secured lodging for foliage season, it might be a good idea to get on it! I've been checking sites here and there and lots of weekends are booked, but with many mid-week openings still available. One of the places I'm at in Morristown is solidly booked throughout, including during the week!

I'm adding this stellar fall foliage festival in Peru, VT to keep in mind if you love autumn festivals. It is in my top five and I highly recommend it. The village of Peru is adorable, so many tents and vendors and music and food and happy folks tooling about. It is the day of my Burke Festival so I will have to miss it this year. Please go! You will love it! (Note: shuttle buses are involved but they are fast and a cool way to meet all sorts of excited visitors on the way!, bring a shopping bag!!!)

The other festival in early September which I love is the Chester Fall Foliage Festival, September 21 and 22.

I've been about four times and this is where I met our former VT resident and forum member bvahgen. I'm so happy that he is coming back to CT and VT this fall and we are meeting up somewhere in the great state of Vermont!

Happy days to all! CT

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” ― John Muir

Re: Six Month Countdown to Autumn in Vermont 2019!

Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 5:42 am
by ctyanky
Hello foliage friends! Happy Summer Solstice! Our next season is AUTUMN!!!!!!!!!!! Should I say the real countdown begins now? (Although I've been counting down for months now...……) :wink:

In 3 months and 5 days, I will be on my way to my beloved Vermont in all its foliage glory and I couldn't be more excited! :D :D :D During the summer, I'll start working on my "flexible" itinerary and moving the "bucket list", new hikes, horse back riding, foodie places, foliage festivals and fairs into the four lodging locations I've made during my two week vacation. I'm now looking at a zip line adventure in Stowe. (Maybe............ :shock: )

I'm pretty confident with all the rains we have had that we are not looking at drought factors for autumn but we still have two of our hottest months ahead of us. I keep a keen eye on the health of our forests and landscapes during early August into mid September for signs of stress, infestations and other factors that come into play for thoughts on the upcoming foliage season. (It helps to pal around with arborist and logging peeps!) :mrgreen: I'm hoping for a normal rainfall and cool nights and sunshiny days after Labor Day and during the second or third week of September, a good idea of what Mother Nature may have on our doorstep! :D I'm super excited to see all my VT friends and the new folks I've met over the last two years.

Summer is wonderful here in New England with all it has to offer and I can't wait to get up to Vermont for a few festivals and a hike into the green mountains! This weekend is looking divine to say the least!

Happy summer to all and get ready for Autumn in Vermont 2019! CT

Re: Six Month Countdown to Autumn in Vermont 2019!

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 6:29 am
by ctyanky
Wow, I can't believe it is July already! Summer really starts for me when we hit July 1st! (And now we are just about two and a half months away from autumn! :D ) I'm looking forward to a couple more day trips to Vermont this summer for hiking, festivals and farmers markets. One new event that is on my summer Vermont list is the Taste of Woodstock which is on August 10th. I hope to combine the festival with some back road driving around the area as I will be mostly in the northern tiers of Vermont during foliage season. I love Woodstock! Pomfret, Barnard and Quechee Gorge are places I will be visiting, and am also hoping to check out the panoramic views from Mt. Ascutney's summit on the way home to 91. "A network of summit trails provides access to the mountaintop for visitors who drive or ride up the paved Mountain Road. A 25’ tall observation tower located near the summit provides hikers with views of Vermont and New Hampshire." Another tower to check off the list! And another long, action packed 12 hour day trip! :wink:

10th Annual Taste of Woodstock
August 10, 2019
Packed with local flavor, Taste of Woodstock is a sample of everything the Woodstock community is known for. In partnership with Artistree and Purple Crayon Productions, over 50 vendors will fill the center of Woodstock Village with favorite Vermont provisions, wine, beer, spirits, music, entertainment, arts, crafts, and a kids’ activity tent.

In early to mid August, my eyes peal upward to the tree canopies to see how their health is moving along. Sometimes, we get a glimpse of a few leaves turning around mid August which happens every year. When this happens, my heart skips a beat! The trees tell me fall is around the corner! So far we are in great shape!!!! Adequate rainfall (perhaps a bit over) and no drought to speak of in New England. Fingers crossed as we enter our two hottest months before we start getting serious in September regarding the foliage forecasts!

Happy Fourth of July and have a grand summer! CT :P :P :P

Re: Six Month Countdown to Autumn in Vermont 2019!

Posted: Tue Jul 23, 2019 5:51 am
by ctyanky
Wow, relief from the brutal heat wave! All my windows open with refreshing air and lovely rainfall and time to give the AC's a rest! I feel alive again! :shock: It makes me think of the flow of cooler autumn air not that far away; we are now 8 weeks away from the autumnal equinox! Hard to believe but summer is flying by and August is now just around the corner. :D

Our trees remain resilient and it is status quo with the health of the forests for our foliage display. Keep your eyes peeled upward in mid August and you'll see some leaves at the tops of the canopies teasing you with early color. :wink: It makes my heart flutter! :D

I'm hoping to hit the Blueberry Festival this weekend in Dover as it looks like another promising stellar Vermont weekend. If time allows, a redo lift ride to the summit of Stratton and a redo hike to the fire tower! ... lift-rides ... ower-hike/

Re: Six Month Countdown to Autumn in Vermont 2019!

Posted: Fri Aug 23, 2019 7:16 pm
by ctyanky
Well here we are, just ONE MONTH from the first day of autumn 2019! I can't believe how fast the summer has gone by with Labor Day Weekend around the corner. September 1st, the first day of meteorological fall, is just 8 days away. I always think of that as the turning point of the seasons even though the autumn equinox is the 23rd.

I may just go out tomorrow and get some mums for my front porch! Or maybe just stay home for once and enjoy my own backyard. This weather is AWESOME! :D Gosh, even my dog seems peppier! :mrgreen: Did you notice it got dark at 8:00????

Have a great weekend! CT