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A New Year is here! Our 2019 Vermont Fall Foliage Plans Await! There's Nothing Like Autumn in Vermont!

Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 3:14 pm
by ctyanky
Hello to all of our Scenes of Vermont Fall Foliage Friends! Wishing you a very Happy New Year 2019 full of health and happiness and chock full of fun and adventure!

I'm sitting here enjoying a balmy 55 degree January 1st in southern New England and can't believe we have no snow in the 10 day forecast and our first month of winter is now behind us! What an outstanding day to welcome in the new year!

I had a wonderful 2018 autumn in Vermont experience and in part, due to my inn hopping (4 unique, amazing inns/bed and breakfasts), I was able to see so many different areas of the great state of Vermont. Not to mention all the wonderful new folks I met on my journeys. I'm now considering either doing the same or even staying in one locale (Hotel Vermont comes to mind). It was a bit tiring packing and unpacking every 4 days but truthfully, I enjoyed every minute of it. I used to stay in one place and traveled about from one inn and although it was more relaxing, the pure thrill of the unknown was worth the effort put into all the planning, etc. I will decide on what venue I will take in the coming months! Such decisions! :wink:

It's never to early to start thinking about your 2019 Vermont Fall Foliage plans. I actually enjoy putting together the adventure part of it: hiking, meeting with friends and trying new fairs, festivals and eateries. My horseback riding is improving with each year and I loved my lessons and trail ride last year.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to my yearly visit to Vermont during sugaring season which is around the corner now that we are into January. My summer trips to the state will continue as well. So much to do and see and experience in Vermont! :wink:

As the months progress, I will be back checking in and now I wish you all well. Happy New Year 2019! The best is yet to come!!! 8)


Re: A New Year is here! Our 2019 Vermont Fall Foliage Plans Await! There's Nothing Like Autumn in Vermont!

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 3:25 pm
by ctyanky
Hi foliage friends! This winter is certainly wacky with freeze ups and warm ups, ice and snow. Our recent bit of zeros was enough to keep me thinking of warmer months to come. Alas! More single digits arriving for February! Some days, I feel like spring is just around the corner and others, the biting cold is Mother Nature's warning to us that we are only in the middle of winter! :wink: :x

I have finally decided to continue with my inn hopping and now have three lodgings of the four set in stone. I am seriously considering heading up early to a stellar place in Kirby for the last weekend in September so I am closer to DND Stables in Burke. From there I am booked for four blissful days in Peacham and then on to Morristown for two nights on a horse farm. For my fourth lodging, I am right in Stowe for 3 nights (closer to Lajoie Stables in Jeffersonville) before I head home to CT for Columbus Day Weekend. The holiday weekend feels late to me this year and since I am committed to foliage tours in the NW hill towns of CT and the Berkshires in western MA, I will be leaving Vermont just before the long weekend arrives.

So now I am REALLY excited to begin looking at all the fall festivals, craft fairs, farmers markets and foliage lift and gondola rides offered during my 12 day vacation! Also, I need to go back and hit some of my bucket list posts that I totally neglected last year! :?

I hope you all are enjoying the winter and I will have some information to post on sugaring season open house weekend in Vermont very soon! My second favorite season in Vermont! :mrgreen:

Happy Valentines Day to all! CT ... 723237302/