My Photos from Vermont 2018

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Re: My Photos from Vermont 2018

Post: # 22057Post edmcguirk
Fri Oct 19, 2018 12:44 pm

ctyanky wrote:Ed: next year (after seeing your photos) I am definitely climbing Nichols Ledge. You compared the view to Owls Head and determined it was more dramatic and you liked it better. Less obstructive views?

Did you go back to Quabbin? Update? CT
Yes I prefer Nicholls Ledge over Owls Head for photography, because the view is less obstructed. Owls Head is still good though, and has the advantage of being able to drive up to the top, while Nicholls involves 15 to 20 minutes of climbing almost straight uphill (and downhill in the dark if you go for sunset like I did).

I went back to the north end of the Quabbin this morning, and there is almost no color there now, nearly all the maple trees were bare, they had turned and had been ravaged by terrible wind over the past few days. The south end is primarily oaks which probably haven't turned yet. In the western suburbs of Boston where I live, we are currently 7 to 10 days late and still 85% green. The winds have not stripped the green trees, so we may still salvage something here in late October.

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Re: My Photos from Vermont 2018

Post: # 22084Post Utah Baker
Sun Oct 21, 2018 3:59 pm

Ed, absolutely a stunning collection of photos! Very inspiring, thanks for sharing your talent here!

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