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Beer Hopping Thru the Great State of Vermont!

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 3:38 pm
by ctyanky ... gh-vermont

This is one great article and is making me crave my Heady Topper! I almost forgot about getting some :roll: and that my visit to Vermont is not complete without returning with some Heady! I suddenly become very popular just before my visit with friends and family. :wink: It makes an awesome gift but you have to keep it cold on the way home so stop and get a couple of bags of ice and remember to bring a cooler to Vermont!

I would really like to visit Hill Farmstead Brewery in the fall. I understand the scenery is also outstanding! I must say Hotel Vermont has got it going with the tours! is very kind to the state of Vermont and has quite a few very complimentary articles on a regular basis, mostly in the travel section!