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OFF TOPIC (Sort of): Sugaring in SCentral MA Open House Weekend Today!

Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:06 pm
by ctyanky
Hello! I could not hold out any longer in my anticipation of next weekend's Whitingham, Vermont's Sugaring weekend and my craving for maple syrup on French toast got the better of me so.......... Off we went to an amazing pancake and all the fixin's breakfast before heading to MA! I brought my own Vermont maple syrup that I purchased at the Dorset Farmer's Market last fall and we smothered it all over! (If I know a restaurant doesn't serve the real deal, I bring my own in my purse! 8) )

As this was Massachusetts' open house weekend for maple syrup, we hit a fantastic sugaring operation in Granville. State of the art reverse osmosis and brand new 12' evaporator complete with our burly guide dressed in red and black checked attire and cap! :lol: Pulling into the parking lot, I opened the windows and in flew that sweet aroma of the sap flowing out the evaporator into the winter air. OMG I was in maple syrup heaven! :mrgreen: I practically ran into the sugarhouse! :roll: Now that it is in my blood, I am ready to hit the backroads of southern Vermont and taste that sweet stuff to my heart's content!

The backroads of southern MA felt like I was in Vermont. Today was scrumptious! Blue bird skies and no clouds, lots of pure white snow and winding back roads paralleled by steel buckets collecting the sap. The forests were so dense and beautiful. Doesn't get any better than this! A splendid day indeed! :D

Re: OFF TOPIC (Sort of): Sugaring in SCentral MA Open House Weekend Today!

Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2018 4:56 am
by ctyanky
Ooooops! I stand corrected! :oops: :oops: Massachusetts' Open House for Sugaring is this weekend, not this past one! It is March 17 and 18! Here is the website which showcases the various sugaring operations as well as a separate link for those with restaurants for breakfasts topped with the sweet stuff. ... e-weekend/

Now what that means for me? I'm back in MA tomorrow morning to hit the sugaring trail and one of the restaurants for pancakes and fresh maple syrup and then on to Vermont on Sunday for Whitingham's open house! :D A jackpot weekend with all things maple and I'm very excited :!: There's a lot of snow up north which makes for great photo ops. My favorite shot is a winding back road with sap buckets on all the trees "topped off" with an azure blue sky.

I hope you all get to enjoy this wonderful maple syrup season whatever state you choose. Buy local!!! :wink: