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It's 2018 and time to kickstart your Vermont fall foliage plans!

Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 8:19 pm
by ctyanky
Hello to all of you Vermont fall foliage seekers! It's right about now that I start my annual Vermont thread for the next foliage season, and the reason it is a couple of weeks early, is that I am so tired of this deep freeze! :evil: After this past brutal weekend, just when I thought I could not take one more day, we finally broke with a balmy 31 and 50 degree forecast for Friday. Ahhhhhhhhhh, thoughts of spring flowers and summer beach days and autumn in Vermont have been on my mind since this insane cold snap started on Christmas! :P

Anyways, on to Vermont planning! I continue to change up my inn venues as I have been thoroughly enjoying bouncing around from B&B to B&B, meeting new people and exploring totally different areas in the great state of Vermont. Last season Manchester and Middlebury were two new stops and I loved every minute tooling around these areas.

To start off, I've decided to stay first in North Bennington (reconnecting with Charles IXL from the forum) and with a friend from Burlington to hike to Lye Brook Falls which I have been reading up on. I am staying at an amazing place with an equestrian stable on premises and also riding nearby at another local stable. After this last weekend in September in North Benn, I'm off to Warren for a few days at a new B&B and then on to Starksboro for a stay at a farm/inn that has caught my attention for the last couple of years. I truly love the Lincoln area and all my favorite back roads, and I know I'll be returning there to cruise around my loops that I found last year. I hope to spend a lot of time in Burlington as well, and finally take my Spirit of the Ethan Allen cruise! Shelburne Farms, shopping on Church Street, and some more hiking are on the agenda. Then it is back to Manchester for a long Columbus Day Weekend so I can hike some more trails in the Equinox Preserve with my Burlington friend. The trail system there is totally amazing! Last year, we couldn't try the Bromley zip lines due to the one rainy day, so that is back on the schedule! :wink:

So I am all booked and deposited and very optimistic that we WILL have a better foliage season than 2017. :) I just love being in Vermont regardless, and take every opportunity to soak it all in with friends and activities galore to make my time there the best that I possibly can. I will be up for a few visits after sugaring season to enjoy summer adventures, but most of all, my heart beckons me to autumn in Vermont!

So friends, it is not too early to start planning (or at least thinking about) your Vermont fall excursions! We're just 8 months and 2 weeks away to countdown! :mrgreen:

Happy New Year! CT

Re: It's 2018 and time to kickstart your Vermont fall foliage plans!

Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 6:34 am
by ctyanky ... active.php

Here is the Equinox Preservation Trust map of the trails (Manchester). I hope you can get a chance to explore here. One of the most well-maintained and diverse systems I have ever hiked on. So many trails for different levels! I may go up late summer to try a few more. Equinox Pond is amazing! Enjoy! :wink: