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First Snow of the Season Is Upon Us in So. New England!

Posted: Fri Dec 08, 2017 7:43 pm
by ctyanky
Well here we go! The snowflakes will be flying tomorrow across CT and this will be our first winter snowfall. A bit unexpected as they were predicting little or no snow. And with this season's late leaf drop, the yards are still covered with leaves and some of the trees are still partially covered in foliage. I'm still in the midst of raking! :shock: I'm not recalling a snowfall this early in December with the number of inches predicted but it should be quite pretty. The houses are all decorated with beautiful lights and d├ęcor and paired with the holiday spirit, I'm looking forward to the seeing our first flakes pile up. Get the cameras out for some wonderful winter snow scenes!

Alas.....when this storm melts, I will continue with my fall cleanup............ :wink: