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2017 Vermont/New Hampshire Photos

Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2017 11:58 pm
by Utah Baker
One note the first 12 are from our stop in Illinois to visit with our son. The rest are a mix of Vermont & New Hampshire. One thing I would like to mention is a reminder to be respectful of private property when your out and about. I had not intended to stop at the Sleepy Hollow Farm as I had been there before and it was late in the season. But my son in law wanted to see it so we stopped there on the 15th of Oct. and I took a few pics. But I was so shocked to see the behavior of two groups of international visitors there, three cars parked right in front of the gate (the owners didn't appear to be home) with a few strolling down the driveway to take their shots. Another group of 6 were having a picnic on the lawn, champagne glasses and the whole works completely oblivious to the fact that others were stopping by to photograph the farm, not them. I finally called to them and asked if they were aware that they were trespassing on private property and did they have permission to be there. One girl spoke up and said, "No, but they would be leaving soon." I could feel the steam coming out of my ears, so I went and got back in the car before I said something I shouldn't. It's just that it's that kind of behavior that will ruin it for all. Anyway enough of my rant. Hope you enjoy!

Re: 2017 Vermont/New Hampshire Photos

Posted: Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:19 am
by ctyanky
Janice: your photos are phenomenal! You really captured some amazing color despite it all and I loved your scenic and whimsical shots! Where were all the umbrellas taken? That was very cute! Just looking at your pictures brought out the best of last year's foliage season indeed. I'm going to take another look again later and relish the colors! :D By the way, were any of those at Noyes Pond? I might be staying at Seyon Lodge next year. I just booked the first of my four inns last night! :D

As for the rude trespassers, I could feel the steam coming out of my own ears just reading your rant! Some folks are just plain clueless, self-absorbed and can actually ruin it for others in the long run. Not to mention what the locals feel about tourists. Sorry this happened along your way........ :roll:

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!! CT

Re: 2017 Vermont/New Hampshire Photos

Posted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:53 am
by Utah Baker
CT, thank you so much, your always so generous with your kind remarks.

The umbrellas are in downtown Littleton,NH, part of their Pollyanna theme. It has so much charm, truely a New England gem. My daughter ended up buying a home in Lisbon, apparently the market was really “hot” in Littleton this fall, as soon as something came on the market, it was sold. But they have a very charming home in Lisbon, built in 1910, beautiful wordwork and details and the kids can walk to school.

Didn’t make it to Noyes pond, drove past it numerous times, but always in a hurry to get somewhere else. :| Kinda weird to see and hear about all the places my daughter visits on a daily basis that have just been vacation visits for me for so many years.

Hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, thankful for all of you! Janice