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Dorset Farmers Market, Dorset VT

Posted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 8:19 pm
by ctyanky

Hello all! During my wonderful stay in Manchester this past foliage vacation, I had the opportunity to finally visit the top notch Dorset Farmer's Market (after my 3rd trip to the Dorset Quarry). What a fantastic organization and the most wonderful booths featuring everything Vermont you can imagine! The displays of locally sourced vegetables were a feast for the eyes to say the least! All kinds of local crafters, entertainment in the center aisle, maple syrup, honey, clothing, meats, the list goes on. I got some excellent maple syrup and some hand crafted greeting cards with moose figures (of course). There was also food to buy as well. The quality of the products I saw in the many vendors' tents, was impeccable. Because they operate all year round, and are now moved into winter digs, I hope you can visit the Dorset Farmers Market some day. I know you will come away with some very high quality crafts or food items, not to mention the very welcoming attitude of the vendors themselves. This is a must stop if you are in the Manchester/Dorset area. The backroads around there are beautiful! I can't wait to return next year and I'm very glad that I arrived just as they were opening up. They get quite busy as many of the area residents/restaurants buy their goods here, and now I can see why. Hope you can come here next autumn or anytime during the year! The mood was so festive and the sights and sounds of folks enjoying themselves amidst the fall season was the best I've even been to. Enjoy! CT :D