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Rain Shall Not Deter The Hard Core Leaf Peeper!

Posted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:23 am
by ctyanky
Well, we are experiencing some light rain here in Middlebury which should be over by noon and then sunshine prevails! It is quite breezy here but not intense. The leaves should hold on here pretty well IMO. Tomorrow is a different story, with possible heavy rains from Nate. However, WCAX states in their forecast that winds will not be significant so that is good news. The rest of the week looks fabulous for everyone here right into Saturday! That's excellent for Vermont tourism and leaf peepers! I'm back up next weekend to SW or SE VT to see how the color is trending. After that, I will be scouring the NW hills of CT relentlessly as this is my home territory and it often mimics the color/terrain of SW VT.

Today I think I'll check out some roads in Lincoln: Jerusalem Road, Downingsville, Browns Road, Quaker Street, Isham Hollow (loved it last year), West Hill Road, Lincoln Ripton Road and perhaps up the App Gap.

With tomorrow's rain, I shall head back to CT after 12 days up here, on route 7 all the way to enjoy my favorites stops on this road. Gotta stop at the Apple Barn in Bennington at least! :D

Happy Columbus Day to all and enjoy this wonderful state! I'll report some of my findings this evening. CT

Re: Rain Shall Not Deter The Hard Core Leaf Peeper!

Posted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:40 am
by pwt54
Well, you've had a weird foliage vacation this year. When we went out Wednesday the color was lifeless and by Friday the colors were eye popping. Mom and I are still debating about a foliage ride for today. I can see a patch of blue sky on the western horizon and I'm sipping my 3rd cup of coffee, so things are looking good. :D