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Hikers: Green Mountain Club Visitors Center - Waterbury

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 7:51 pm
by ctyanky
Everyone: just a super nice stop on 100 to the Green Mountain Club headquarters in Waterbury today! I needed some info on some hikes I have on the bucket list for next autumn in Vermont and that place is great! I got my boyfriend a great hiking shirt and also a book called, "The Walker's Guide to Vermont" which covers just about every hike in the quadrants of the state. They said it is for hikes up to moderate level so that should work for me. There are so many hikes in the state, it can be overwhelming, so having it broken down into the different areas makes it workable. I have been reading over the book and highly recommend it.

I couldn't find the Molly Stark State Park in Wilmington in there, which I did recently with Charles (ixl) and was curious as to why a state park was not included. Maybe someone has the answer......

Anyways, it is a great stop for anyone with an interest in hiking around Vermont! Enjoy!!!!! :D