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Stowe Today

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 7:36 pm
by ctyanky
I love Stowe! I got there early enough before the crowds to attempt my shopping for gifts for friends and family. My goal was to get up on Trapp Hill to take more photos of the Scottish Highlands but they were totally absent. Last year the herd was about 75 strong and I got some fantastic shots of them against the foliage. Trapp Hill Road never disappoints. Such a nice drive down the hill and honestly, I thought there was some very nice color emerging on the right side as I headed SW down the hill. I'm not sure who is headed over to Stowe on Columbus Day Weekend but this may be a spot to check out.

I didn't think the traffic was too bad but it started to pick up at 11:30 when I was departing for another destination. At the end of the day, checked out Bragg Hill. Pretty cooked there but a lovely drive on Number 9 Road nonetheless.

I'm off to Peacham tomorrow for the fall foliage festival and a back road tour. Friday will head to Middlebury for which I am very excited! I have about six fun adventures planned and have four full days to relish that area! :D