CTYankee and pwt54 at Lewis Pond

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CTYankee and pwt54 at Lewis Pond

Postby pwt54 » Wed Oct 04, 2017 8:26 am

This will be a short report because I'm doing another ride.
First of all, the roads going to the Lewis Pond Overlook are in the best condition I've ever seen. Cars will have no problem driving there.
The foliage is not good. The color is there, but it is dull. It's almost seems like the hot and dry first 3 week of September sucked all of the life from the leaves.
I picked CTYankee in Waitsfield at 9:30 am and headed north useing routes 12, 14, and 58 to Lake Willoughby. Then we took the Hinton Hill Road and the Hudson Road to rt 105 and then drove to Island Pond. We drove east to the South America Pond Road in the Wenlock State Forest. There is a sign there saying that a bridge was washed out 8 miles ahead. That was okay. We only wanted to check out the Moose Bog Trail. There is a sign and small parking area a 1/4 mile from the entrance.
Then we went to the Ranger Station/Welcome Center on rt 105. CTY was impressed! There are many exhibits and a lot of information and clean restrooms. Then we continued east on rt 105 until we went over a railroad crossing and a bridge. Right after the bridge and on the left was the Stone Dam Road. We drove that to Lewis Pond and looked around. Then we drove to the Overlook. Except for a lone tree here and there the foliage was dull. The views from the overlook were as awesome as ever. CTY had her fancy-dancy smart phone out and drained her battery taking photos.
We finally got out of there at about 4 pm and headed down to the Miss Lyndonville Diner for the only meal of the day. We had a great day even without great foliage or moose.
Today I will be taking my mother and brother to the Peacham/Groton area. Stay tuned.

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Re: CTYankee and pwt54 at Lewis Pond

Postby ctyanky » Wed Oct 04, 2017 4:46 pm

Yes! I love the Lewis Pond Overlook! It never disappoints!!! The ride in is so relaxing and peaceful (it is about an hour in). Next year I am going to explore the Wenlock Wildlife Preserve further in and try the South America Pond Road!

Phil, thank you so much for a truly, wonderful day! Your expertise of the back roads in Vermont is remarkable and I doubt there is anyone out there who can match up to your caliber. I could point to any dirt road anywhere in Vermont and not only do you have a name for it or have been on it, you also can recall a history of how the road came to be or who lived on it! I'm totally wowed by your recall of the history of Vermont in so many locations! We talked for hours up and down and I consider you one of Vermont's true gems!

If anyone at the inns I travel to in Vermont ask me where I learned how to navigate the backroads here and how I have so much information to find routes for them to travel, I tell them I learned from the best of the best right here in this state.

I owe most of my experience on the back roads to you Phil. You are a kind, decent man and I thank you for making my travels in Vermont so rewarding.

I wish you a safe journey to Florida in a couple of weeks. See you next fall. I have a long list of "to-dos" and backroads to follow and I hope that you will continue to be my guide in the years to come. :D CT

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