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ROUTE 100: Londonderry to Waitsfield

Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 7:59 pm
by ctyanky
I finally arrived in Waitsfield today around 1:30 after a two hour drive up from Londonderry. It was a lovely, relaxing trip with hardly any traffic either way. Except for a two load logging truck and one tractor carrying hay bales , I felt like I had the road entirely to myself. Had the music on and felt so immersed in being here in Vermont. It was a top ten, stellar autumn day. Amazing!

Here are my thoughts on the foliage from Londonderry to Waitsfield:

MIXED BAG! Well, not even that. It was mostly green all the way up except for a few patches of nice color between Rochester and Pittsfield and some around Killington, nothing that would make me say wow or even stop for. Some of the eastern facing mountains were either all green, very early (and uniformly so) or were even thread bare with a lot of leaf drop. I honestly don't know how this season is trending. All I can say for sure is that the area I traveled from Londonderry to Waitsfield was green, even summer-like looking or in the earliest color transition. I'm dumbfounded! All the people in my inn are asking where the color is and I just say to be patient, it is coming eventually!

If this is going to start to turn this week, I would say Columbus Day Weekend and next week will be prime. This is only my opinion. Normally in Waitsfield around this time, the hillsides are at least half way there! We need some sharp cold nights indeed.

I'm heading to the NEK Tuesday and expect the color to be better up there.

Anyways, besides leaf peeping, I'm having a fantastic time and loving every minute I am here. It is so gorgeous and the weather is scrumptious!!! I'm so excited for this week to begin, seeing my friends and enjoying the activities I have lined up.

Have a great week! CT