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Horseback Riding in the Green Mountains - A Perfect Way to See Foliage from a Different Perspective

Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2017 6:17 am
by ctyanky
Hello to those who ride and who want to try riding in the Greens during foliage season! Almost every year I am in Vermont for foliage season, I ride at the Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm in Fayston, a hamlet just north of Waitsfield. The Icelandic horses are an incredible ride! They are sturdy and sure footed with a remarkable five gait ride! They are a sweet, gentle breed and easy to control. I'm very excited for my trek into the Green Mountains while I am in Waitsfield. Here is the link where I ride:

and the rates:

I can't describe the blissful feeling of galloping down a country road with the wind in my face with beautiful foliage all around on an Icelandic horse! Wow! Through fields and pastures and down dirt roads lined with great color. The views of Sugarbush and the mountains are incredible when stopping the horses in the pasture for a break. In the past, I had to pinch myself to believe I was in such a stunning setting on an autumn day in Vermont!

I'm getting fitted for my new riding helmet today and am over the top excited! :D

Here is the other ranch that got rave reviews in Danby and I hope to go riding there "if" I can fit it in when I'm in Manchester!