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Amazing Hike to a Fire Tower - Molly Stark State Park - Gorgeous Day In VT with ixl (Charles) from the forum!

Posted: Sun Aug 27, 2017 7:33 pm
by ctyanky
Hello everyone! Just wanted to share a great hike with you that I did today to the fire tower on top of Mt. Olga in the Molly Stark State Park, Wilmington, VT! We met Charles (ixl) at about 9:45 a.m. Left northern CT at 7:30, took 91 N to route 2 west to 112 (beautiful drive) to 100 N. I would coin this as a kid friendly hike but it was quite a workout (for me) nonetheless. Despite the 44 degree start in SoVT this morning, I worked up a sweat and was soon discarding layers!


This state park is gorgeous with updated facilities and nice campgrounds! The hike up to the tower was a gradual incline with ALOT of tree roots crisscrossing the trail almost all the way up. I think I would have gotten to the top faster but was concentrating on every step I took so as not to trip! The forest smelled so fresh and woodsy and it was a total delight to be surrounded by nature. There is nothing more important than finding an excellent pair of hiking shoes that fit like a glove and I love my Keens! I'm ready for a second pair now!

The views at the top of the tower were AMAZING!!! We were so lucky to have such a stellar day with clear blue skies and nary a touch of wind at the tower except a slight breeze. (I needed that!) 360 degree views of all the mountain ranges in the surrounding states - too many to name!

Going down another loop in the trail system proved to be a lot easier and we had some great conversations with my dear, sweet friend Charles. Charles is an amazing photographer and I hope to meet up with him for another hike in Manchester, the end of September. Love ya Charles and thanks for meeting us! If it were not for this forum I would never have met you! :D

I highly recommend this hike for anyone, the tower views were astounding. I'm getting a bit better at my tower hikes, this being my third one. There are about seven, I think, in Vermont. Stratton was great and I'm making a bucket list to accomplish all of them in the next couple of years. I heard the one in Plainfield is also wonderful. I'm working on making my way to more challenging hikes so I can keep up with my friends!! :wink: Plus I have the hiking bug now and it has become quite a high (no pun intended) to be immersed in nature, especially in Vermont! :wink:

A picture perfect day in beautiful southern Vermont! You just can't beat it! 8)

Re: Amazing Hike to a Fire Tower - Molly Stark State Park - Gorgeous Day In VT with ixl (Charles) from the forum!

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 9:07 am
by deaner1971
Sounds like a great time!

How was the visibility at the top of the tower?

I ask because I have seen some photos that seem to show a plexiglass with poor visibility.

That (and my massive fear of heights) have held me back from the hike in the past.

Thank you!

Re: Amazing Hike to a Fire Tower - Molly Stark State Park - Gorgeous Day In VT with ixl (Charles) from the forum!

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 7:29 pm
by ctyanky
Hi Dean! I hope you are coming to Vermont this foliage season. You haven't been on the forum much and it's so nice to see you here again.

In regards to the Plexiglas, are you mixing this tower up with something else? The reason I ask, is that the cage at the top of the tower had wire mesh at all the window areas. Perhaps it was a recent makeover. I will have to ask Charles!

On another note, the visibility that day was stellar! Views for hundreds of miles around! I knew it was going to be a top 10 day in VT with clear skies (albeit 44 when we got there as mentioned) and it was almost a last minute decision to do the tower hike. Charles said it was the best visibility he has ever experienced there so as you can imagine, I was thrilled with the outcome!

If you are in VT let me know if you want to meet at any trailheads that have tower hikes, i.e. Elmore or Plainfield and I would meet you. I am especially interested in the Elmore hike to the tower, as I know many people love that one. If you keep your eyes peeled upward and don't look down, you should be just fine!!!!

Thanks for the reply! Hope to see you on the forum more and more! :)

P.S. I am recovering from my afternoon trip to SoVT with my daughter so we could shop at the VT Country Store! LOOOONG ride home! :|