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Where to Find Deluxe Ice Cream in VT - Burlington Free Press!

Posted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 7:56 pm
by ctyanky ... 573373001/

Hello all ice cream lovers! I saw this in the BFP today and am craving these ice cream delights!!!! Has anyone been to Sweet Scoops in Essex??? Anyways, as I will be in Waitsfield for an extended period during the fall vacation, I am definitely headed to Canteen Creemee Company under the bolded heading in the story, "Worth the Drive"! Can you believe these creations? I went to their facebook page and it is even more incredible! It seems they are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday so I am going to eat their famous fried chicken and then have an amazing scoop my first Sunday night in Waitsfield!

Village Square shopping plaza, Main Street, Waitsfield,

The photos on their facebook page are hysterical and look amazing! I'm already hooked on the mixed berry scoop! :mrgreen:

The Scoop in Shelburne looks super as well!

I thought I would add this post as an off topic, but it is Vermont! I am excited to try these new places and hope you find the article a fun read and a possible diversion on your Vermont travels. I thought it was sweet! What a great article indeed.

Enjoy! :wink: