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Scenes of Vermont 2017 Fall Meetups/Reunion & Back Roads Tours

Postby ctyanky » Tue May 02, 2017 7:17 pm

Greetings SOV Fall Foliage Groupies and Newbies: I am planning "one" of our fall reunion/meetups this autumn in beautiful Peacham, Vermont on Thursday, October 5th, at the town's Northeast Kingdom Fall Foliage Festival 2017!

Plans are obviously in the beginning stages, five months away, but weather-permitting, we will meet for an early lunch at the church at 11:00. Please see Peacham Festival in the link below. There are some lovely events going on including the craft sale and book sale. I plan to be there early for the opening craft fair at town hall before we meet for lunch.

Right after lunch, we will be heading to either the Groton State Forest or to the backroads of Cabot depending on the color progression as autumn unfolds in these areas. If we do Groton, be prepared to hike to Owls Head to the lookout! In the alternative, Cabot Plains Road, Ducharme and other back roads will be on the agenda. If you have some back roads in the Cabot area you would like to recommend, please feel free to reply to this post. :)

Tim and Phil are on board, Minnesotaman is on the fence! :wink: I am currently peppering Phil into leading us once again into Lewis Pond early in the week, possibly Monday, October 2nd, Tuesday, October 3rd, or Wednesday, October 4th. Weather/color will dictate how this second meetup will pan out! The skies must be sublime for all the long views at Lewis Pond. If we do Lewis, we will let you know where we will meet before heading into the Nulhegin Basin to the overlook. There is another post on this forum with Phil's directions into Lewis Pond for you to print out.

I hope you all are getting excited to come to the great state of Vermont this autumn, and perhaps meet old forum friends or make new friends at one of our meetups if your schedule allows.

Stay tuned! :D :D :D

P.S. We are fully leafed out here in Northern CT and it is a most gorgeous spring! All the blossoms are full out and the smell is simply intoxicating! Just need a tad more warm weather! :wink:
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